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Welcome to Calyptech

Delivering Innovation

Founded in 2000, Calyptech is a high technology development company that delivers innovative telecommunications solutions to clients in Australia and around the world.
Calyptech is focused on innovation across domains, including Fibre, xDSL, 4G LTE and 5G. We apply advanced technology solutions based upon Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Integrated Circuit design, Printed Circuit Board (PCB), embedded and cloud level software to solve complex real world challenges.
Calyptech has developed solutions for rural broadband in some of the harshest environments on earth to deliver reliable broadband services to end customers.
Delivering highly reliable, cost effective solutions while pushing enabling technologies to the limits has been the key element in Calyptech’s continued success.
Talk to us today about how your requirements can be addressed in partnership with a technology innovator that can deliver the solution that is right for you.


Telecommunications Infrastructure Solutions


Cost Effective Internet Delivery

Addressing the underserved customers' Broadband requirements in regional and rural settings is a challenging dilemma for many of our clients. Calyptech offers some unique technology to bridge the gap to your customers with the deployment of intelligent and cost effective hardware and software technology that seamlessly integrates with your general deployment infrastructure.

Community Broadband and Telephony Services Delivery

Many of our clients are investing in their payphone infrastructure, and developing innovative applications including the deployment of Public Wi-Fi hotspots, and advertising facilities. Calyptech has the technology to deliver new capability to your Payphone and Public Wi-Fi sites, offering the opportunity to monetise and repurpose these facilities and deliver new services to your customers.

Traffic Long Exposure

Be part of the Revolution

With the evolution of broadband network technologies, our Intelligent Traffic System clients are modernising their traffic management elements to include fibre and wireless connectivity. Robust and enhanced hardware with connectivity redundancy that can co-exist with legacy technology makes this a seamless migration.

Reliable and Cost Effective Internet Access

Reliable broadband connectivity is essential for your business. Calyptech offers products that give you that reliability with robustly designed hardware and software, and data fallback redundancy configurations to maintain that important connection your business relies upon.

Dish Antenna

Reliable Internet

Increasingly our homes rely on a good broadband connection for our entertainment, our home businesses, working from home, our education needs, our healthcare and our home security. A reliable broadband connection is something we take for granted, and the inconvenience of 'down-time' is increasingly felt as our homes become 'smarter' and more reliant on the internet service.
Calyptech products are designed specifically to address the mandatory reliability requirements that have evolved.
Products offering service fallback (fibre or xDSL/Cable to 3G/4G) and power backup are available; with secure cloud management to ensure the software is up to date.

Manage your wireless fleet

Calyptech's Network Management system  optimises your wireless network operations, minimizing disruptions, and enabling informed decision making, ultimately contributing to better user experience, increased productivity, and enhanced business value.


Services We Offer

Electronic Circuit
Customer Service Rep

Bespoke Solution Development

Guaranteed Quality

Offering broad and deep knowledge in key implementation technologies including Printed Circuit Board design, Integrated Circuit Chip design, sophisticated Digital Signal Processing and Software Algorithm design, Calyptech bring together a team that can take your ideas from the drawing board to the full product realisation.
When existing solutions are not quite the right 'fit' for your requirements, Calyptech can leverage our extensive Intellectual Property portfolio, and our product development processes to deliver the solution that meets your technical and cost criteria.

24/7 Support

Guaranteed Precision

Calyptech prides itself on providing the best possible support for our hardware and software solutions; which means our clients become long term partners in advancing the end users' embrace of our solutions. We embark on constant improvement of our Products and Services to incorporate feedback and ideas from those end customers to ensure that our products are always delivering to their needs.

Learn more about Calyptech and our team.

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Interested in doing business with us? Our business hours are Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm. Get in touch with us today.

609 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills, Victoria 3127

+61 3 8376 9400

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